Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thought I had died and gone to heaven...

I recently had a few days in Wellington and discovered a wonderful shop called Moore Wilson. Now, I am sure most Wellingtonians are familiar with it and the delights it holds for a foodie, but the first time I had heard of it was on Linda's blog when she was lucky enough to source a friand pan from there. I knew it was going to be good when I got to the top of the stairs and saw the cookbook shop. Cookbooks of all descriptions, magazines just waiting to be flicked through, and a glimpse of what lay around the corner in the actual shop. Tony gave a loud audible sigh as he knew what he was in for. I had to promise that I would accompany him to Repco in return for his undying patience as I perused the books. I finally settled on Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess. Then with this clasped firmly under my arm, I meandered into the main shop...

Gosh, anything and everything cooking or food related. Another loud sigh from Tony!! Now I didn't really need anything specific, but I, too, had been after a friand pan for some time with no luck, so I found one of those, and then ummed and erred over some bread proofing baskets but decided to make do with what I had. And the great thing is they do mail order too I found out, so I can have my fix any time I like!!

So back in the Waikato, I devoured Nigella and decided on the Rocky Road after collective oohs and ahhs from the kids. It was very easy to make, especially as I decided to put it in a pan rather than doing individual drops as Nigella did.

Rocky Road

200g milk chocolate

25g dark chocolate

75g brazil nuts

75g mini marshmallows

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or using a bowl over barely simmering water. Roughly chop the nuts and mix into the chocolate with the marshmallows.

Drop heaped teaspoons onto a lined baking sheet (or a lined pan) and leave to cool in a cold place. Don't leave in the fridge as it will take some of the gleam from the chocolate.

Makes 24.


Linda F said...

Hi Deb!
Have just found you here and lovely to see your blog! I cant believe I didnt know that Moore Wilsons did mail order, please do tell more! I always maintain if they had an online presence they would make a killing! (Guess it is just too big an undertaking for them and hey they look to be doing ok as they are!)
Gorgeous rocky road btw, have you thought of submitting your photos to Tastespotting or FoodGawker???

Deb said...

Hi Linda, I just enquired when I was at the counter and they said mail order was not a problem. I agree, would be great if they had an online store too. Am back in Wellngton in October so will definitely be going back again! The photos on Tastespotting and Foodgawker always look so amazing, need to practice my phtography skills a bit more!

Linda F said...

Just try submitting Deb, honestly the second photo on this post would def be good enough. The other thing about submitting is that they will often give you constructive feedback if they don't accept, which can help you in your quest!!! Please feel free to email me (my address is on my blog!) if you want to troubleshoot anything!!!

Barbara said...

Really greato discover another NZ food blog. Do you know arfi at Homemades. She is in the Waikato also.

Barbara said...

Tried to subscribe to your feed on Google but it didn't work.